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          Klaus Lenander
          Libro de Visitas

          Hello Albert,
          When do you have Spannish notes user group meeting?
          Is it possible for OnTime to come and present our products at workshop or presentations?
          We normally participate in UK, Norway, Denmark etc.
          About OnTime

          OnTime Key Features
          - Full overview of all the employees in the organization
          - Group Calendar 2011 fully integrated in Notes 8.5 - as a Notes tab.
          - Easy installation & low server load
          - Fully scalability for larger environments >40.000 people in 1 calendar
          - More than 500.000 users world wide
          OnTime Group Calendar consists of 5 clients
          - Notes 2011 client
          - Web Client
          - Mobile Client
          - Discovery Client
          - Sidebar application

          More information

          Presentations of OnTime Group Calendar & Meeting Manager
          Ipad promotions Q1
          For every 200 licenses you buy in Quarter 1 2011 you will receive 1 Ipad.

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